Since the year of 1988 in the foreign trade market, Sulnav Despacho e Logística Ltda, has combined its accumulated experience and opted for integrated logisticsin order to guarantee the competitiveness of its cients products in the international market. The company in Paranaguá, and has a branch in Itajaí. It has a team of professionals that is highly trained to server clientes, and operates in varius stages of the logistics chain.

As a maritime agent if offers agency services from Porto Alegre to Rio de Janeiro. In the area of customs brokerage it prepares documents, obtains liberation from the authorities, deals with import and export registration and accompanies goods up until their final destination, in partnership with forwarding agents. In thid modality it operates in the ports of Paranaguá, Itajaí, São Francisco do Sul, Antonina, santos and Imbituba, in the airports of Curitiba and Foz do Iguaçu and on the borders of the Mercosul countries.



   15/11/2019, Paranaguá, Brasil - 03:38 hrs.